We’re all gamers by nature. Gamification, VethaVarshini.

Gamification- Maybe not a word that you hear often but it’s EVERYWHERE! Even if you aren’t very familiar with the term, you’ve been going about it, experiencing it, in your everyday lives for years now. If you’ve been in the field of design or user experience, you must already be familiar with it and you’re welcome to skip to reading some super short case studies. But if you’re not, then it’s probably not in the same context we’re both thinking of this.

The term “gamification” in itself is pretty straightforward. It’s about games, duh!

But it’s not the gaming industry

UX Case study to facilitate team meetings in MOOCs

‘Studee’ was designed as a part of the 6-week User Interface Design Specialization from the University of Minnesota through Coursera.

The UI Design Specialization culminated in a capstone project where we applied our new skills to develop a mobile app that would address the following problem: the difficulty of coordinating study sessions/group project sessions for students in massive open online courses (MOOCs).


Working in a team of four, while we equally contributed to research, ideation, evaluation, validation and testing, the prototyping was managed by Pascale and I.

I barely come across UI/UX case studies these days, that actually have thoughtful UX put into it.

You've done that job well, and how!

Looking forward to reading more of your writings! Keep at it! :D

With livestream ecommerce coming to the fore lately, it’s essential we understand the nitty-gritty of its purpose and potential. Subsequently, in this piece, we shall figure some basic metrics of consideration that will help you decide if (and how) your ecommerce platform would benefit from any livestreaming at all.

Livestream Ecommerce

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What is Livestream Ecommerce?
A Real-time Example (Our subject of case-study here)
How is Livestreaming a Win-Win For All?
The Gamification Facet
What is the Current Scope of Livestream Shopping?
Before You Integrate Livestreaming Into Your Ecommerce Site
Could Livestreams Replace our Traditional Website Shopping?

What is Livestream Ecommerce?

In simple terms, when retailers sell…

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